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Matakana is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, with rolling hills, pristine beaches, and lush forests.


The gin brand takes inspiration from these scenic landscapes, aiming to capture the essence of the region in its flavors and branding.


As you look through the bottle you can see the beautiful oil painting of Omaha beach, designed by a local artist, James Nicholls.

About Our Gin

At Matakana Gin Co, we craft small batch gin from start to finish, using only the finest ingredients from the Matakana region. Our gin is made from local citrus and pure water from the area, giving it a unique flavour and aroma that you won’t find anywhere else.


We take great pride in each and every bottle of gin that we produce, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality. We invite you to experience the unique flavor of our gin, and discover why Matakana Gin Co has become one of the most popular gin brands in the region.

omaha beach with matakana gin


We use sustainably-sourced botanicals, such as Juniper, liquorice root, cassia, angelica root, rose & hibiscus just to name a few, but the real secrets lie in the botanicals & water sourced from Matakana.


These include lemon, tangelos & grapefruit from our friends farm & the water is sourced from an artesian sandstone aquifer 170 metres beneath the earth in the heart of the Matakana region and near the banks of the mighty Mahurangi River.

citrus grown for matakana gin


At Matakana Gin Co. we are passionate about producing the finest quality gin. We use a 500 liter copper column still to distill our gin, creating a smooth taste with a unique flavor profile. Our gin is crafted using only the finest botanicals, all locally sourced, to ensure a premium drinking experience.

We invite you to come explore our gin and discover the unique flavours of Matakana Gin Co.

copper pot still used to make matakana gin
matakana gin on omaha beach


The Vintry Matakana 

2 Matakana valley road, Matakana 0985, Auckland


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