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omaha beach with matakana gin

Our Story

Hi my name is Justin!


I've been working in the hospitality industry since I was 15 years old. My parents & Grandparents owned and operated restaurants, cafes & hotels when I was younger, so I always knew I would end up in this industry.

After moving back to New Zealand from the Netherlands I ended up in the Matakana region and started working at the local restaurant, Matakana Market Kitchen. This is where I started taking things a bit more seriously. Once the owners took over the wine & cocktail bar (The Vintry) upstairs I started learning more about cocktails, bartending, mixology & entering cocktail competitions, which I really enjoyed.

I eventually started hosting cocktail nights, food & wine events, spirit tastings & more. Since then my love of Gin has grown & I've always dreamt of creating my own small batch brand.What started out as a hobby, has now become a product I am so proud of & I am so excited to share it with you.


I've loved living, working & having my kids grow up in the Matakana region.

It's such a supportive community, with so many talented people. Surrounded by beautiful farmland, small orchards, vineyards & stunning beaches.


My goal is to locally source as many botanicals as I can for Matakana Gin & try and support the amazing people in our community!

Matakana Gin is made to be enjoyed with your friends and family, Gin lovers & those still to be converted! I hope you enjoy what we've created.

Cheers Justin

cocktails with matakana gin
cocktails with matakana gin
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