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water used for matakana gin

Matakana Water

Matakana Water is drawn from a single source on our family-owned estate, in the heart of the Matakana region and near the banks of the mighty Mahurangi River. It takes 150 years for our water to filter down to a confined artesian sandstone aquifer 170 metres beneath the earth, where it is infused with a high level of alkaline, naturally occurring electrolytes and  minerals. Matakana Water is UV (Ultra Violet Light) treated with a certified NSF/ANSI Hallett system and tested monthly to ensure that only the best quality is delivered.

The result is water in its purest form. Soft, intensely hydrating, revitalising, and with an incredible clean, fresh taste. With an alkaline pH of 8.9, Matakana Water contains many essential minerals for optimum health and wellbeing. No additives or preservatives and no chemical treatment.

Our mission is to share this miraculous natural resource in a way that benefits the whole community. We offer a limited daily supply, exclusively to residential and commercial properties within the Matakana region, delivered direct from the source to your tank. Limited emergency deliveries are available.

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